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We work in deep partnership with global wind power research communities and industries to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the wind power industry today including those in development, project management, and social acceptability. We also corporate with the research community to improve technology integration, research effectiveness and performance.


This is not a happy story. But it’s a story that strongly hints at an exciting sequel of events and facts. Wind Energy Science (WESCi) and its industry market research division, is closely watching the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the wind power industry around the world.

We assess the growing impact of coronavirus on wind power business and share insights on how organizations and companies need to plan their response on this pandemic and deal with the uncertainties associated with this pandemic.

Proposals for Improvements in the Offshore Wind Power Business

The findings of the survey reveal that there is a significant potential  for lowering LCOE through either increased production of MWh,  novel technologies implementation or through mitigation of costs.
A plethora of different prospects are present, especially in respect to collaboration across industry’s players to enable innovation and value creation.

Unlock Wind Power Business Research Potential

We help, developers, operators, investors, consultants and professionals advance wind power science, critical thinking and improve performance for the benefit of humanity. Combining creativity with technology, supported by reliable data and dedicated research, we turn information into actionable knowledge.

Zero Subsidy Wind Energy Projects: Focus on Onshore Investements

The zero-subsidy wind energy projects opportunity evaluates the technical, operational and commercial drivers that are providing increased confidence in zero-subsidy as an economic viable and technical feasible option for developers and investors in the medium to long term

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