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Launched in 2019, the Innovation Hub of the Wind Energy Science acts as a single gateway for all innovators and researchers to access the wind power industry, helping them to develop ideas from concept through to market-ready solutions and providing support every step of the way.

Nowadays wind energy, developers, operators and consultancy companies are touting chief innovation managers, innovation teams, innovations strategies, and even innovation rad-maps. However, that doesn’t mean the companies are actually undertaking any innovating process or produce something novel or innovative at all. Instead they are using the term to convey monumental change when the progress they’re describing is quite ordinary.

Here, at Wind Energy Science we believe that it’s time we all stopped “innovating” and set our sights on something more meaningful and real.

Innovation Hub

simplifying processes and facilitating value creation

We bridge the gap between industry and innovation to design & develop novel wind power technologies.
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Innovation Assessment

for the top WTGs manufactures

In today’s rapidly evolving world of the wind energy industry the ability to produce new value and the capability to be innovative is now more important than ever before.
Innovation is much more than just a random amalgamation and incorporation of people, technologies, practices, processes and methodologies. Innovation is the embodiment of critical thinking, creativity and discovery but it only flourishes in the right environment. Creating a utopian innovation environment relies on organisation’s ability and willingness to deliver the right resources at the right time in the right style.

Innovation in Wind Power Developers & Consultants

Innovation Is a Discipline, Not a Cliché

The long history of innovation has proven time and again that innovation isn’t about design and developing something new, it is about destroying or re-arranging the existing order of things. Especially in the wind power industry rejecting innovation is always easier than embracing it, for almost any developer, operator, consultant etc under almost any circumstances. It’s also potentially lethal. So, do they really foster innovation?

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Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub of the Wind Energy Science is a digital information platform focusing on onshore-offshore wind energy cost reduction via innovation, value creation and knowledge sharing. The Innovation road maps of the Wind Energy Science Research Platform are advanced prioritization tools that identify the emerging innovation needs of the wind power sector. They have been built in collaboration with industry and academic institutions to identify the key challenges in technology and cost and research priorities within the UK offshore wind sector within the wind energy sector.

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