Your most valuable wind-power assets are human, not technical

You know already that the biggest threat to wind power is the human element. But if human beings are the greatest vulnerability, that also makes them the strongest asset.

Handle risk with confidence

Performance Monitoring

optimize resources

Improve decision making

Process Improvement is Hard…We Make it Easier.

Manage smarter. Implement faster. Accomplish Perfection.

Performance Excellence Assurance platform

Prioritize strategic objectives, increase agility, measure performance, operationalize governance, risk & compliance (GRC) in the wind power business, optimize resources, and rapidly improve – and sustain – outcomes.

See how our intelligent Performance Excellence Assurance platform can simplify compliance activities to align processes, execute digital transformation strategies, ensure regulatory compliance and continuously improve using digital knowledge, collaboration and performance management solutions.

Reshape your business and assets performance with iWINDPEA.

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Wind Energy Science has now released a process excellence software solution for the wind power business. Nowadays, we are helping many wind energy developers, manufactures and consultants around the world successfully execute their most critical strategic initiatives. During the demonstration you will:

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  • Learn to quickly model and create business relationships
  • Have access to a big data platform for analysis and experiments